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Tribal Tattoo Pictures

tripletribaldragons.jpg (30430 bytes)

Triple Strength Tribal Dragons

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Egyptian King Tattoo Design

tribal face1.jpg (14156 bytes)


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leopardtribal.jpg (22487 bytes)


tribldrgn66.jpg (20899 bytes)

Koolest Tribal Dragon

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tigertribala1.jpg (26686 bytes)

Tribal Tiger

tribaleagle.jpg (12573 bytes)

Pacific Northwest Coast Native Eagles

pacificNWlgeagle.jpg (19564 bytes)

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            Wolf with Sun Tattoo             Double Orca, "Killer Whale" Tattoo

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tribaltunaaa.jpg (26247 bytes)

Tribal Tuna Fish

tribal-Body-Art bear claw.jpg (22534 bytes)

Tribal Bear Claw of Strength

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haidasun100.jpg (37407 bytes)

Pacific Northwest Coast Native Sun

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tribalcross.jpg (11925 bytes)

Stylized Tribal Extreme Cross

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liontribal22.jpg (26781 bytes)

American Stylized Tribal Lion

bigtribal.jpg (17646 bytes)tribalonarm.jpg (20206 bytes)jcinitialtribal.jpg (25627 bytes)


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tribalBody-Artwomanstattooback.jpg (15941 bytes)

tribalsuneagle1.jpg (21567 bytes)

Tribal Sun Eagle

tripldragontribl.jpg (31323 bytes)

Tribal Triple Lucky Strength Dragons

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tribaldragonredeyes.jpg (17858 bytes)

Tribal Dragon

egyptianwoman.jpg (14096 bytes)

Egyptian Queen

eyera.jpg (5932 bytes)


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tribalmoon.jpg (16141 bytes)

Tribal Moon

tibalceltarm.jpg (34385 bytes)

Tribal&Body-Art Fusion Tattoo

bluecelttribalknt.jpg (49758 bytes)

Tribal & Body-Art Strength Knot

tribalrose.jpg (18380 bytes)

Tribal Rose

namearm.jpg (13182 bytes)

Tribal Styled Name


sun.a1.jpg (32599 bytes)

Haida Sun

celtsun1a.jpg (26105 bytes)

New Age and Hip SUN



tribalcalf23.jpg (21078 bytes)

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tribalpolynesianmask.jpg (26800 bytes)


tribalkeltsuna1.jpg (13720 bytes)

Tribal Sun

kokopeli100.jpg (16106 bytes)

Kokopeli Tattoo

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blackdragon44.jpg (17194 bytes)

Ancient Tribal Black Strength Dragon

tribaleagle102.jpg (15356 bytes)

Tribal Eagle Photo

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triballeg.jpg (6095 bytes)tribalarm3.jpg (18451 bytes)

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lion.jpg (23584 bytes)


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Custom Tribal Dragon by John Cool

pnwwolf.jpg (81543 bytes)

Pacific Northwest Coast Style Wolf

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Custom arm Tribal Tattoo by John Cool

T-3tribaldrgn.jpg (21563 bytes) a9 tribalsun.jpg (16255 bytes) tribalb.jpg (20704 bytes) a19whale.jpg (15166 bytes)
Custom Tribal dragon Tattoo North coast style sun Tribal and Body-Art together

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Haida Orca Tattoo
aaaaatribsun.jpg (20345 bytes) tribal14.jpg (15560 bytes) anewtribalcross2-16.jpg (11673 bytes) ablacktrblsunmodif.jpg (19324 bytes)
Pacific Northwest style
Native Art sun Tatoo
Tribal around Egyptian Eye Tribal with Gothic style cross

download.jpg (5081 bytes)

Way cool Tribal with Body-Art
knot shamrock
tribal1.jpg (16205 bytes) kanjisun.jpg (16376 bytes) aa replacetribal.jpg (15011 bytes)
Tribal back with Kanji Tattoo Large Tribal chest piece Tribal sun rays & Kanji Tribal arm Tatoo
tribal10.jpg (20666 bytes)

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Body-Art Tattoo

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t2.jpg (19731 bytes) tribale.jpg (13239 bytes)
Enormous Tribal sun Tattoo Native Indian design Coastal Art Mythical Raven Tribal spike weave armband



Arm Bands

tribal15.jpg (16138 bytes) tribal7.jpg (13855 bytes) a5.jpg (16999 bytes)
Custom back Tribal Tattoo Tribal black Dragon Tattoo Tribal belt-line back Mid Coast Art style Eagle
Ablacktribaldrgn.jpg (16618 bytes) scorpion.jpg (17914 bytes) taaa.jpg (24751 bytes) ablkcltsun.jpg (22768 bytes)
Tribal Dragon Tattoo Tribal Scorpion Tattoo Tribal with mist Tribal sun with Body-Art center
taa.jpg (20684 bytes) tribal2.jpg (14840 bytes) tribal16.jpg (14123 bytes)
Todd's Tribal full sleeve download.jpg (5081 bytes) Tribal Dragon & Kanji Tattoo Kanji Tattoos
TRIBALDa.jpg (14381 bytes) tribal5.jpg (13053 bytes) tribal6.jpg (14318 bytes) tribal6a.jpg (14166 bytes)
Tribal Sun with Shamrock Tribal lower back Indian Feather style Tribal Tribal armband,blue shading

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tribal9.jpg (16736 bytes) skull.jpg (17014 bytes) tribal12.jpg (16222 bytes) eaglea.jpg (14450 bytes)
Tribal with Dragon Tribal Skull Tattoo Tribal all way round neck Pacific Northwest Eagle
t3.jpg (19827 bytes) t4.jpg (17697 bytes) t5.jpg (14754 bytes) taaaaa.jpg (18836 bytes)
Haida Orca's Tattoo Northwest   Native Hawk Southwest Native Indian Motif Kanji Sun Tattoo
tribal sun zig zag.jpg (14759 bytes) aanewtribldrgn.jpg (18496 bytes) tribal4.jpg (17657 bytes) t1.jpg (14072 bytes)
Tribal abstract Sun Cool Tribal Black Dragon

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Tribal Oceanic Sharks Tribal Dragon Tattoo
aatribaleagle.jpg (20001 bytes) new misc sun.jpg (20873 bytes) aaaatiblshamrock.jpg (19253 bytes)

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Body-Art Tattoo

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Tribal Eagle Tattoo Tribal Sun Tattoo design Tribal Shamrockb

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Tribal Skull Cross
eagle.jpg (18174 bytes) anewtribalband2-16.jpg (14406 bytes) taaaa.jpg (15536 bytes) tribal 9-1.jpg (10776 bytes)
Northwest Native Thunderbird Tribal Armband Tattoo Tribal Sun Back-piece Tribal Tattoo
a new tribal bird.jpg (20192 bytes) a new tribal sun.jpg (17411 bytes) a new tribal indian.jpg (31147 bytes) a new tribal dragon black.jpg (19001 bytes)
Tribal Bird Tattoo Irate Tribal Sun Native Indian Face Tattoo Thin Tribal Black Dragon
a new tribal face.jpg (20723 bytes) a new tribal skull aaa.jpg (21801 bytes) a new misc.tribal shark.jpg (13061 bytes) a new misc. bear.jpg (17418 bytes)
Tribal Mask Tattoo image Tribal Design on Skull Tribal Shark Tattoo


Tribal Bear Claw Tattoo
tribaldragons.jpg (16338 bytes) tribal dragon.jpg (17948 bytes) tribal arm swirl.jpg (15186 bytes) tribalceltdragon.jpg (13608 bytes)
Tribal Dragons Tribal Strength Dragon Tribal Arm Modern style Tribal Body-Art Dragon
t1a.jpg (27390 bytes) tribal11.jpg (16496 bytes) Click

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Tribal Tattoos


penntat1.jpg (38914 bytes)penntat2.jpg (42016 bytes)aaacros clover.jpg (14656 bytes)

Mystic River Tattoo

Sean Penn Back Tattoo


Tattoo that John Cool Designed that was used in Clint Eastwood's movie"MYSTIC RIVER" staring Sean Penn as the character "Jimmy Markum" a South Boston Irish mobster with this Body-Art styled cross Tattooed on his back

John Cool's Tattoo Shop - 2 Collins St. Hamilton, South Ontario  Next door to Hamilton Police Department     (905) 547-2389

hand skull.jpg (18148 bytes)

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tripletribaldragons.jpg (30430 bytes)

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tribalback105.jpg (16539 bytes)

Tribal Back Tattoo

blueblacktribalarm.jpg (144943 bytes)

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tiblskul21.jpg (16324 bytes)

lizrdsun.jpg (17560 bytes)

Lizard Sun Tribal

armband 2.jpg (10110 bytes)

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devildog.jpg (14579 bytes)

Old English USMC Devil Dog

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alienjesus.jpg (28561 bytes)


tribalbutrflybcka.jpg (15343 bytes)

Tribal Butterfly

butterfly.jpg (19237 bytes)

Tribal Butterfly Lower Back

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blkrose.jpg (38380 bytes)

Tribal Rose

suntiger.jpg (26177 bytes)

Tribal Panther Sun

tribalcalddagh.jpg (11547 bytes)

liona1a.jpg (26242 bytes)

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tribalshark33.jpg (25456 bytes)


tribalarm1.jpg (21344 bytes)

eagle.jpg (24174 bytes)


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tribalarm44.jpg (8272 bytes)tikitotem.jpg (8079 bytes)HAIDA.jpg (21095 bytes)eagletribal100.jpg (15727 bytes)


Tribal Tattoo History and Symbolism

The Tribal style originates from the old tribes like the Body-Art, the Maori tribes, the Haida tribes, the inhabitants of the Marquesan and the tribes of Borneo. What a lot of people now recognize as Tribal is in fact a new style: New Tribalism are the remains of the old Tribal style. Particularly the Borneo style shows a lot of resemblance with New Tribalism.

Concerning all Tribal styles the division in black and white is important. Not only of what has been tattooed must have a good shape but also the parts that have been left blank must also be well shaped. Besides it is more beautiful that the shapes follow your body contours. The balance with Tribals and Ornamentals are very important. That is the reason why it is so important to have a tattoo done by someone who understands the different styles.

The Body-Art tribes
The old Celts lived mainly in England and Ireland (before also in France). Round the year 1000 the Body-Art civilization gradually disappeared. Typical of this style is interlace, spirals, dogs, birds and humans

Custom Body-Art Cross by John Cool

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The Maori tribes
The Maori originate from New Zealand and have traditional facial tattoos (moko) and special leg tattoos. This tattoo style, that shows a lot of resemblance with the wood carving of the Maoris, is typical for its spirals. Under influence of the missionaries the traditional Maori tattoos disappeared round 1900. In those days the Maori were hunted for their (tattooed) head as a trophy. The facial tattoos of the Maori were individually designed and they’re for never copied from each other. According to the legend the facial tattoos were made to be recognized by friends and family once deceased. According to the story the light goes right through you when you are dead, but your tattoos show whom you are. Since 1980-1990 there is an uprising of the tattoo phenomenon under the Maori in New Zealand. For the Maori a tattoo means inner strength and mastering this inner strength.

flamedragona1.jpg (17596 bytes)

The Haida tribes
The Haida (Indian tribes) lived on the Northwest coast of America. This style of tattoos, which shows a lot of resemblance with the woodcarving of the Haida, thunderbirds, beavers, bears, fish and woodcarving are very common. The pictures are mainly about the Indian astrology. The Indians believed that you partly take over the strength of the animal when having such a tattoo. The Haida style is a forceful, masculine style.

The Marquesan tribes
The Marquesan style originates from the inhabitants of the Marquesan Islands in Polynesia. These islanders used to be completely covered with tattoos. Their bodies showed picture stories, for other tribes to recognize whom you were, where you were from and what you did. In the entire Polynesian area the tattoo culture always has been present, everyone was tattood. The word tattoo is derived from the word 'tatau' that comes from this area. The Marquesan style is mainly based on the divinity Tiki, who is always portrayed with his eyes closed because he smells danger before he sees it. Images that are used a lot in this style are: shells (wealth), shark teeth (protection) lizards, whales, turtles, fish hooks, and so on. The Marquesan style is a form of language in symbols.

Borneo is situated above Indonesia. In former times the headhunters (from the Iban- and Dayak tribes) had tattoos for protection and as proof of their achievement. That is how one obtained a spiral in the form of a flower on the front of the shoulders when making a long trip, but also for cutting someone’s head there was a particular symbol. The headhunters protected the rest of the tribe that lived in trees. They themselves lived on the ground and by the looks of their tattoos you could see what they did and what they have been through. Typical for this style are images of scorpions, flowers, dogs, dragons and spirals.

tribalband102.jpg (13442 bytes)

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celtvanity.jpg (20844 bytes)

tribalbirdyback.jpg (27483 bytes)

sun.jpg (18500 bytes)

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tribalpirateskull.jpg (24721 bytes)

Tribal Pirate Skull

Tattoos by John Cool

stomachname.jpg (5645 bytes)

onlygod.jpg (18672 bytes)

Only god can judge me


familia.jpg (16466 bytes)

Old English Letter Stomach Tattoo

   Large Old English Letter Style Name On Back Tattoo

a new pride.jpg (21637 bytes)

Old English Tattoo

a new tribal rose.jpg (18629 bytes)

Tribal Rose


Copy of IMG_1670.jpg (21148 bytes)

Tattoos by John Cool

uzi.jpg (4774 bytes)

stomachname.jpg (5645 bytes)

onlygod.jpg (18672 bytes)

Only god can judge me

thug-life_jpg.jpg (11437 bytes)


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familia.jpg (16466 bytes)

Old English Letter Stomach Tattoo

   Large Old English Letter Style Name On Back Tattoo

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a new pride.jpg (21637 bytes)

oldengname.jpg (20015 bytes)

tribalpirateskull.jpg (24721 bytes)

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